Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tasty late Tuesday
Okay do you ever wonder what to do with all that chocolate your kids get for Easter? I asked Patton what he wanted to make and he said chocolate cake so I decided to incorporated some of that candy into my cake. All I did was got a box cake mix (double chocolate for us) I added Carmel sauce, m&m's, three musketeers, and Hershey kisses. For the icing I just melted icing and drizzled it over and Carmel syrup and then added nuts, and three musketeers crushed up on top. Easy and delicious!
The winner of this week is Larry. Larry come get your yummy's!


DeAnn said...

Mmmm...that looks yummy! I don't think I'll be making anything of that sort this week! Enjoy!

Tara Mitchell said...

Glad you were able to find time & it looks delicious!

Lori said...

Double chocolate cake + lots more chocolate inside + chocolate and candy bars on top sounds good, but would = a major stomach ache for me! Or a tooth ache! I don't see how you all can eat so much candy, but I guess that's a good way to get rid of a bunch of it at one time!

Anonymous said...

Where's the picture and blog
entry about Mr. Peeps ???

I am upset, I want to see
Mr. Peeps blogged. After all,
I told Mr. Peeps if he let me
catch him for the two P. Mann's
he would become the next Susan
Boyle ...


Neighbor George "the Big Fat Cat"

(Larry calls me Snapping Turtle,
Snapping Turtle, Snap-Snap-Snap;
cause I am known to bite). So
you better do as I ask or else ...

P.S. Don't give him anything for
winning the Tasty Tuesday drawing.
He always hogs all the good stuff
himself, and won't share with me
and Ms. Priss anyways.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I forgot to tell you to
please not tell him that I blogged
you. He would throw a fit if he
figures out that me and Ms. Priss
surf the net all the time after he
goes to bed.

I don't want to have to Snap-Snap-Snap ...

Lori said...

Larry you are too funny!

Anonymous said...

Lori ... Glad I gave you a Smile.

Mr. Peeps ( aka Jason ) has already
found his freedom and is happily
singing away at night. He lives
in the vines along the North side
of my house.