Monday, April 13, 2009

The night before Easter Sunday....
The boys were getting out of the bath when Brad spotted Ricky the raccoon in the front yard. He yelled at the boys to look out their window to see. I tucked the boys in and went back to check on them and I found Patton laying on top of Parker after rearranging him told he me "The raccoon will break through my window and get me." While laughing and reassuring him he finally went to sleep.

Penny was such a good raccoon hunter! She was passed out waiting for the Easter Bunny to come so she could sleep right through it.

Get up, get up the Easter Bunny came!

The Easter bunny came and brought lots of eggs.

Brad and I heard Parker wake up and tell Patton to wake up the Easter Bunny left a lot of eggs in the front yard.

There is Patton he would pick one up and if he did not like the candy or it did not have money in it he would put it back on the ground.

Doesn't Brad look thrilled. Morris decided to make himself comfortable on his lap.


DeAnn said...

Boy you have been busy blogging here lately. Love the picture of the boys in bed...priceless! I'm glad the Easter Bunny found you guys!

Anonymous said...

Brad ... I just knew that you
and Morris are best buddies.
Glad Megan caught you in the act.
Now I have proof.

Looks like the Easter Bunny was
good to you guys, or was it the
Easter Racoon ??? I haven't seen
Miss Possum with Miss Priss lately,
hopefully they had a falling out.

Neighbor Larry