Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tasty Tuesday's would like to present the Oreo Cream Pie!

I asked Patton what he wanted to make for today and named off a few things. His all time favorite is Oreo Cream Pie so that is what he picked. Easy enough and quick I agreed.

You will need

2 boxes Oreo pudding

2.5 cups cold milk

1 tub cool whip

crushed Oreo's for the top

Put your milk and Oreo pudding in a bowl mix it up, then add half of the container of cool whip and mix that all up. Pour into a Oreo crumb pie crust, they are by the pie crust at the grocery store. Add the remaining cool whip on top and then the crushed Oreo's and all done.

The recipe is also on the back of the pie crust. Very cheap and easy and yummy! ENJOY:)

Okay I did not get a full shot of it because once it hits the table it is gone!

Parker posing for the camera

The other fun part about Tasty tuesday's picking the winner!

And the winner is.............Tara Mitchell.

Send me a comment and get your name in the drawing. Even if you have already won comment anyways and see if you can win again!

Tara tell me where you would like your prize delivered to.


Ginder Family said...

WOW! Us Ginder's love OREO's. This is a MUST for us to try!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Megan,
I love oreo desserts.

Tara Mitchell said...

Yea Me!!! I'm so glad I found your blog. I work at the courthouse in the circuit clerk's office, but I honestly don't need a prize. I have so much fun reading the blog. You're family sounds hilarious! I'll definitely have to make the Oreo Pie. Dalton loves Oreo's.

Anonymous said...

YUM, You are such a Great Cook !!!

Neighbor Larry

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am going to have to start reading your blog more and get in this Tasty tuesday thing. LOL. Kam and I like to bake together. Well I bake and she licks and talks...hahaha