Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bowling fun
Went went out to eat Sunday to subway and had a great lunch with the family. The boys got cute little purple lunch sacks that had butterflies on them. Patton thought I needed to turn mine into a purse so I put my stuff in it and carried it for the day. He thought that was pretty cool! We then went to the bowling alley and had a great time bowling. Brad beat me by 1 on both games GRR. I tell you what I was sore for two days after that, I used muscles I didn't know I had:) Payton stayed home and slept since we got home so late the night before:(
Rex the owner informed me that next year his insurance was going up and you had to be 8 to bowl what a bummer.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Last Saturday night the High school youth group and myself,Parker,and my parents all took off to Champaign to go see Winter Jam. It was "awesome" as Parker said there were 6 Christian rock groups that preformed and a good time was had by all! Parker even danced and clapped and waved his hands in the air.
It was very nice to be able to separate my kids and spend time with them individually like that. Patton got some good dad time as well.

Mema and Parker at dinner

He reigns by NewsBoys

By your side by Tenth Ave. North (sorry for the shaky film Parker and I were swaying side to side)

Aww all tuckered out. We didn't get home until after 1:00 that morning.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Geez just looking over my blog and checking out all the mistakes I make. I swear I proof read it but I obviously miss a lot;-)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Miles of smiles
No matter what my day brings or what kind of evil is lurking in the world I can always look at mister Tompson and smile. I enjoy my Tuesday with the little guy:) Oh and look what he can do know! Yes he is all over the place.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wow I just got done watching some of MSN's news about Haiti. To be quite honest after dealing with my feelings with the other tragedy wow is all I can say. I have not watched the news or checked it out on the Internet just because I don't want to know.45,000 to 50,000 people are expected to have perished in this awful quake. You know what is really scary, at any given moment that could be us. I feel helpless all I can do is pray. I am urging you to take this moment and bow your head and pray.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Answers from above?
I heard some news today that I just don't know how to process. I am sure many of you have heard the same story of the Fletcher family. If you haven't this is what I know.
There are 9 kids in this family and a mom. The mother and father are going through a divorce. Last night their trailer caught on fire 6 of the 9 kids got out the mother went in to save the other 3 and the roof collapsed on her and they did not survive.
Rashanda – age 16
Rolanda – age 13
Rahaina – age 10
Rhona – age 6
Rylin – age 4
Rylee Ann – age 6 months (she was a twin – her twin brother, only boy did not survive)
I don't know these people at all never meet them never heard of them. I just don't understand how the God that I follow and praise and worship let something so horrible happen. I do believe that things happen for a reason and sometimes we just don't know that reason and never will.
Every time I think of this story I just get sick to my stomach. What was going through that poor mother's mind when she ran back in to try to save her other children? What in the heck was that dad doing where was he during all of this? Those poor kids what is to become of them and what will they do with themselves?
I know these things happen everyday but for some reason it just has taken a toll on me and my heart. I just keep telling myself what can I do to help them. There are different people who are starting collections of clothing and such for them. I guess I could just right a check I don't know what to do. I guess the way I think of it we are all Gods people and he did give us his son to wash away our sin so we could stay in the world that he created. So we all need to pull together in time of need and take care of our fellow brother and sisters who are hurting and distraught. That is practicing being a good Christian. Sorry here I go again with the faith thing but it is what keeps me going.
All I know is for these poor kids out there all I can do is pray for them and try to give a little monetary donation. I invite you to do the same or at least pray for them and what their world has in store for them. Life is short and precious so make the most of it. If we take care of one another maybe just maybe it will be an okay world after all.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My own creation "la fiesta chicken"
I have been very lazy yesterday after work and today lets just say it is 4:11 and I am still in my p.j.'s. last night I was trying to think of something to cook I knew I wanted some soup with chicken and rice in it but what else? Well I had a pack of pinto beans mmm
Okay so here is how it goes,
Boil your chicken
take 1 green pepper diced and one red onion diced and put it in a pot, add about 1/4 of the chicken stock from the boiled chicken.
I then put in some fresh garlic
red pepper flakes just a shake
a shake of cumin
a pack of taco seasoning
a can of diced tomatoes with basil and oregano flavor
a jar of salsa
about 2 cups dry pinto beans(next time I will boil them first)
a jar of canned tomato juice
a can of fiesta nacho soup
a can of cheese soup
a can of rotel
a pack of frozen corn
a small carton of sour cream
It was a little thick so I poured in some milk
stir it up and then I added about 2 cups of 10 min brown rice
I didn't think that was enough vegetables for the boys so I added some fresh broccoli just one head.
shred your chicken into it and put the lid on and let all those yummy flavor cook together
I also added about a 1/4 of a block of Velveeta cheese about 10 min before we ate it.
Before serving put a spoonful on sour cream on top and a few green onions and then sprinkle some blue corn chips ( any kind would do but we like the blue)
ENJOY!It was a little bit spicy but you can omit the red pepper and the rotel I am not a spicy fan and I thought it was very delish, my boys even like it!

I must say my choice in music really makes me what to be in Mexico laying on the beach with a Miami vice in one hand and soaking up the sun!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Warning very long post
Oh my goodness......
Well today I have done nothing!! Yesterday was the day from HELL!!!! I guess this whole week has been. Monday I gave a lady a perm and she has been a regular of mine for a while now. She is one of my friends and customers mother. Lets just say she gets emotional from time to time! She moved here not to long ago and when she came someone had gotten a hold of hair and it was just not what she wanted so I have been getting it back into shape. She had been wanting a perm for a while and I said no it is not ready for a perm yet well finally she got her perm it was exactly what we talked about and she was good until I took the rollers out and and showed her instant crying. Got her fixed up and she was still crying called her daughter to come and get her and didn't know what to say. She gave me a hug and said she would see me Monday and sorry for her crying. It was a little bit uncomfortable with everyone else in the shop. In the mean time I had a lady under the dryer that had gotten a perm the week before and was complaining about how there was no curl and it a frizzy mess. I got her trimmed and frizz free and sent her on her way. Then I had a new guy waiting in the chair. He was about 25 and very tall!! I cut his hair and showed him and he wanted a little bit shorter. Okay fine but after about 4 times of that and him telling me how if you want something go for it and he wants his hair blah,blah,blah. Well then the crying lady comes back with her daughter so her daughter can get her hair cut and lady his fine and talkative and I thought her hair looked great! I then come home and just want to go to bed, about 3 in the morning I awake to the guy beside wanting to know if I am "awake" (sorry Mischelle and Kristina I know that is probably gross to you) are you freaking kidding me hell no I am not awake go back to bed! Men good golly miss Molly!
Tuesday: Good day had Miles did a lot of laundry got the bathrooms cleaned. Picked up the kids and headed to Effingham to get supplies for work. Get them and drop Miles off and come home open the back hatch and oh my goodness a whole gallon of peroxide developer is everywhere. (sorry mom don't tell dad) No hole or crack just simply the lid was not on. The floor mat we put in the Tub instantly to try to get it out. It is okay just a few small spots. I have my parents car due to the fact that mine is parked in the drive broke. It is going to cost anywhere from 500 to 1200.00 to get it fixed and the guy is a week behind. I just need to get a new one but don't want to shell out the $$ for it.
Wed. Not even wanting to know what is going to bring I still must force myself out of bed. Take the kids come home do a few things talk to Payton's dad on the phone to find out that his step dad was very ill and in the hospital. Then head to the school to copy papers, get there with 30 minutes before I need to be at work thinking that is enough time. I had to go to the other building to use the dye cutter something new to me so the principal showed me how to do after she went to find out exactly what the teacher wanted. No biggie got it done and was 5 minutes late for work. Get to work notice that I cut my finger somehow and there was blood everywhere yuck! Do my fist customer starving by this point it was 12:45 no time to go and get something because the the crazy lady comes in for another conditioning treatment at 1:00. She comes in and chews on me for a bit and wants to know what she is going to do with her hair. It is awful on there is no curl. I told her there was the curl for the rod size she picked and she argued with me. I remained silent because I didn't know what to tell her. We go to the front where she proceeded to chew on me some more at this point I had tears in my eyes and then she says I cleaned many houses and you just can't please everyone and not to worry about it that she was just a hard woman to please and then she told me to come here so she could give me a hug. I am now rethinking my haircutting abilities do I suck at my job or is she just a fruit loop! In 13 years I have only had 2 people complain like that and she was one of them so I guess I am doing something right. I love my job and try to give it my all but that really knocked me down. I get the kids and tell Payton about her grandpa and talk to her dad on the phone and he said that Jerry had a few heart attacks his kidneys were failing and his lungs were filling up with fluid. Brad's parents were going to vinn. so they took Payton with them and dropped her off at the hospital about an hour later she texted me and said he was gone. Poor thing I feel so bad for her that is the third death in that family in 2 years. She wanted to know why everyone was dying. I finished my third beer around midnight and went to bed.
Thursday I get a call at 6:00 saying that there was no school yippee I got to sleep in and my 1:00 cancelled due to the snow so here I am still in my p.j.'s at 5:00 needing to get in the shower to go to work by 6. A very welcomed uneventful day! After work I need to go and pick up my new best friend Mic at the liquor store and finish off my very lazy day!
What will tomorrow bring who knows but i guess it could be worse. My family is all in good health and we have heat and the bills are paid or at least somewhat.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I have huge news I am sure most of you already know but I will tell you anyways......

Its COLD outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he,he,he Bundle up if you have to go outside:)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow is where I want to be
Somewhere My kids can stay little
Somewhere there are no worries
Somewhere it is sunny and pretty all the time
Somewhere we can play candy land and play all day
Somewhere we don't get old
Somewhere our health is always perfect
Somewhere no people talk or judge others!

With the new year I struggle with these things especially my kids growing up right before my eyes!
We watched Rocky Balboa last night and I cried like a baby because I can completely relate to it. I don't want to leave the past behind me, I think about it all the time. I don't live in the moment at all and I don't live for the future. I think of when Payton listened to Elvis and loved him, how she was so cute and she would strive to please me even though I hardly spent enough time with her. I just wanted her to grow up and be independent so it would be easy to take care of her. I think of the times I got upset with Parker when he was a tiny baby and had colic I wanted to rush time then. Every time Patton did something off the wall and I just thought if he was a little bit older I would be able to handle him better.
All of this time I missed out I wasted all my energy on the negative.
Life is a privilege and I should live it moment to moment but I think that is easier said than done. I have to work to pay the bills and I have to take care off the day to day stuff so I guess I feel like I leave the fun stuff behind. Where is the happy medium?
The future what is that really? What will my fate have in store for me and my family? I am truly thankful for what I have and for my family. I guess the future just scares the crap out of me it is the "unknown".
"Life is a journey we all must take what you make of it will define you in the end"
I hope you have the best 2010 you can! Enjoy every moment I will if you will:)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Libray cards and Mad Housewives.....

Patton has been waiting for the day he could get his very own library card for 2 years know. Ever since big brother got one and he couldn't he has cried over it. Library policy says you have to be in Kindergarten to get one. Babaw (A.K.A. Brad's dad Steve) loves to read and they live out in the country so there is a fee for his Library card so that was one of his Christmas presents. Patton thought they needed to go together to get them. How Cute.

I don't understand why he never looks up when you take a picture. At least the librarian is smiling.

Patton and Babaw. They ended up bringing the kids home because I had to go back to work. When I got home the boys had 5 new books that they"bought" (Patton stills doesn't understand the concept of checking them out) and were very excited about them.

Mad Housewives a cool bottle of wine my mom got me for Christmas. Mom always gets some of the craziest things for us. I am not sure where she find them. She got Lindsey a bottle that says moms night out.
I tried to take a picture of the back of it and it was just a blur. It says:
Somewhere near the cool shadows of the laundry room. Past the litter box and between the plastic yard toys. This is your time. Time to enjoy a moment to yourself. A moment without the madness. The dishes can wait. Dinner be damned. Mad Housewife White Zinfandel.

Happy New Year hope it is full of joy, pleasure, and health! I tip my Mad Housewife glass to you and say CHEERS!!