Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Parker and Patton got to meet "Smiles" today. Parker really thinks his name is smiles! Very cute of Parker tonight. Patton did not show much interest except when mommy was holding him.

Big cousin Parker. All Parker wanted to do was pet him!

The boys with the proud papa

Bobo and his new grandbaby

Proud Auntie M. I thought my kids were cute Miles is just perfect. I guess us Tompson's know how to make cute kids!


Lori said...

My kids wanted to "pet" Kamdyn, too. It is so funny what they come up with!

Miles is adorable.

jodi said...

Congrats Aunt Megan! He is cutie - all that hair must have made for some serious heartburn for Lindsey!

Ginder Family said... sweet. "Miles is adorable". I love his hair.

Kelly said...

What an adorable little guy! How precious!!!

Congrats to Aunt Megan! Keep the pictures coming of the little guy. I can't get over all that hair. Love his name, too :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the entire Thompson
clan on your new member.


I hope you are ahead on your sleep.

He sure is a handsome little guy.

Neighbor Larry

Anonymous said...

Uhh-Ohh ... I just realized that
I typed Thompson intsead of Tompson.

Will you all ever forgive me ???

Neighbor Larry