Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My sweet baby on the big screen!
Well first of all I just wanted to say thanks for everyone's positive feed back on my last post. Brad thinks that I had to much information on there. I was not trying to put my woes out there just trying to see if anyone else had been in my shoes and to get my feelings out. I blog to let my family and friends know what is going on and to express my feelings.
Well we went for our ultra sound appointment yesterday. Simply amazing! we first had to have a counseling session the lady went over my test scores and what they meant. She just talked to us about what they were going to look for and what our options were. She was very nice! We then went back for the ultra sound where I must say the ultra sound tec was very nice also! She went through everything and showed us what she was looking for. The bridge of the nose...good, the bladder and kidneys....good, the heart....good, the back of the extra fat or skin built up, spine....good, upper lip... looked good.
It was just amazing to see baby and how much it had grown in three weeks (my last ultra sound). She said baby was measuring 9 oz. and 19weeks 3 days so a whole week sooner then my due date. Baby is very active all over the place it was a game of chase:) Heart beat was good in the 140's.
We then met with the doctor who I must say had a firm hand shake and was very serious! She said baby's chances very downs went from 1 in 144 to a 1 in 244. She said that we would know for sure if I would do an amnio. Tears choked me up and I was speechless all I could do was look at Brad (he was speechless to) I told her I would not do it I was not going to take an unnecessary risk. She also said the only thing the amnio would do was confirm it, it would not tell us the severity of it so why would I want to do that? I just told her that it didn't matter one way or the other we were going to love this baby no matter what! My main concern is that the heart was going to be off and it looked good. I go back in 10 weeks just to see how things are going. With that thanks everyone for your love and support!

shims(Payton's word for baby)had its hand up to its head like it had a headache. To cute!

The foot measured a whole inch!

What a great profile love that little nose!

This breathtaking to me! Sweet little fingers

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wow what a couple of days it has been! The weekend started out well felt great on sat. I worked all day then picked grandma up and took her to pick out some pretty flowers at Keller's. I came home and started to cook supper and enjoy the evening. Had to go potty not that, that was anything out of the ordinary but when I wiped I had started to spot. My heart hit the floor!! I instantly called my sister and then Brad. Mel told me to lay down and drink some water she would call out to the ob and talk to the girls.(it is great to have a sister who is a nurse in the ob dept and who is going for her midwife) She called back and told me point blank that there was nothing I could do that baby is not viable until 20 weeks WOW how do you process that? She told me to meet her out at the hospital and she would listen for the heart beat. So I went out and thank the good Lord the heart beat was good and strong! It is hard to think positive when you are put in that situation your mind just wonders in every wrong direction possible! I called my doctor on Monday and she said that was not common at this point and to just take it easy and not to lift anything over 15 lbs. She said to continue with my everyday activities and to just watch for cramping. She then proceeded to tell me that my quad screen test came back high for down syndrome. Could I have another possible thing go wrong!! It is not a diagnosis it is just saying the possibility is high and I need further testing. She is sending me to a high risk in Evansville were they will perform a high tec ultrasound and determine if the baby does have it or not. If it does further testing can be done. I have choose not to do the further testing it is to invasive and I will not take that risk. God knows what he is doing so it is all up to him. I guess he just thinks I am a pretty strong gal to put all of this on my plate. I have in my heart everything will be just fine and if not I will not love this baby any less He or she will still be the most beautiful baby in the world!! I have had a few people tell me that they had the same thing happen to them and everything came out fine. I had said in my last post that I didn't want to be the incubator anymore well I take that back I want this baby to stay tucked in tight as long as it needs to so it can come out crying and healthy. It has been moving around and I am loving every minute of it. It tells me it is strong and active. I will deal with the rest if I need to as I go. I just ask for extra prayers please. Oh and I am still not going to tell if it has extra parts or not! If anyone can come up with some "P" names that would be great! I only have 1 for a boy and Brad hates it I have a few for a girl but would love someone elses input.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Well here it is 16 weeks has passed and I am starting to feel a little better thank goodness! It has been a long hard road to this point with lots of visits to the toilet, laying in bed and even the hospital. I can honestly say I can't wait for this baby to come out and play! I don't want to be the incubator anymore. I just have a hard time with not doing like I normally do. I planted 6 plants and spread 4 bags of mulch yesterday and that was all she wrote:) Today my body feels like it was run over by a mack truck, guess I just am not as spry as I was.LOL No but I can tell a difference in being pregnant at 25 versus in my 30's:) Not that I am old or anything but can just tell.
I had a ultrasound compliments of a friend who works at Mt. Carmel hospital I have pictures but my computer won't read my scanner and can't figure out what the problem is. Yes I might have already found out the sex but I am not saying if there are dangles or no dangles;-) Nikki thinks she is sure of what she seen or did not see but I am not thoroughly convinced so maybe at my next ultrasound I will let the world know.
I had a checkup this week everything looks good baby does not sit still to hear much of the heart beat but it did sound good. I choose to get tested for genetic problems not that I can do anything about it if there is a problem. I will love it all the same if not more if there were a problem, I just thought it would be nice to be educated about it.
Home life is rough working lots of late nights and so is Brad and no help from him makes it rough. Oh well it will get better soon. Kids are good and ready for school to be out. I can say I am not though.
I am trying to get my house all fixed up to show to a couple who wants to come and see it. I just don't have any place to go and live if I do sell it.(I love you mom and dad)hehe
Well better get my but ready for work enjoy the lovely day out today.
Oh my brother called with a great name if it was a boy "Jamall" he says since Miles was "Jermane" on my blog that this baby should be called "Jamall" so if you notice my ticker "Jamall" it is:)