Sunday, April 5, 2009

Flood, Fire, and Mushrooms!
The kids went to Lori's after church with their dad. They went to watch a house next Lee and Lori's burn down. The Noble fire department burnt this house for practice.
After that Brad took the boys and Lori's kids minus Baby Kam to the woods to do some mushroom hunting. Could you picture Brad with a cute ring sling with a baby in it hiking through the woods? HE,He! I had to go to work to do one of my customers from Indy. When I returned I found a nice flood in the basement.

We were at church and the whole back parking lot was nothing but white when the hail was coming down.

Brad took this on his way home from mushroom hunting

Look close not one rainbow, but two

My basement floor after the nasty day.

yes this is what was being pumped out of the basement. Yuk!
last but not least the best part the MUSHROOMS! Yumm-O!
Hope everone had a great rainy day!


jodi said...

great pics - check mine out this afternoon. I got a couple of the rainbow, too: way too pretty not to post!

Lori said...

Overall it was a great day ... even in the rain! That fire kept me nice and warm even though my backside was soaked.