Sunday, May 3, 2009

Well opening day was this past sat. for the boys.
Patton's game was at 11:15. I missed it along with the ceremonies to. I could have changed my schedule around but I never did for Payton so I am not going to for the boys. The only thing I missed was Tim and Darlene Garrett. My heart breaks for her I could not imagine losing a child.
Brad said Patton had a good game. He looks so little out there in that big field. Parker's game was exciting. They all did some good fielding and they all had some good hits. I am glad that Parker has such a good coach that has the same beliefs as us. It is only a game, they are only 7, and really they are out to have fun not out for blood. Some of these parents tell their kids that they have to be the best that #1 is the only way to be. Do I have news for them, wait until they get older and then have fun with them! I guess now days the kids don't even have to be older to sas off to their parents and hurt other kids feelings with their constant competition! I just want to tell these kids to enjoy life! Yes I would be lying if I said I did want only the best for my kids, but they have to know that it won't be a constant thing all the time, sometimes they have to take the back seat and enjoy the view there to. Oh well I don't think I have to worry about my kids to much they have a lot of playmates and for the most part are decent kids.
See some of you at the ball park!

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