Sunday, May 30, 2010

This is how we spend a lot of of evening the past couple of weeks. This is Patton on the go doing what he likes to do best play ball. The past couple of games he has told us he doesn't like baseball and he doesn't want to play anymore. Well after Friday nights game he is back in the game of liking it! He was so excited that he hit off of a coach pitch and not the tee!!! What a little bit of self confidence will do for a person.
Growing up we heard a lot of Harry carry and take me out to the ball game, just don't let Patton know that I put a song in his post that cheers on the Cubies;-) My Grandpa Joe was a big Cubs fan and my grandpa Jack was a big Cards fan so I had the best of both worlds. My daddy always taught me to cheer on every team and every player even if you were playing against their team. I intend to teach my kids the same thing. It shows great sportsmanship and that nobody is better than the other.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wow 20 plus!! Still have a ways to go but just wanted to post a few pics and share in my excitement. My last checkup everything was good and baby size is perfect.
I went to visit a friend and her new little boy (congrats Sacha) he is so cute! She gave me a bag of clothes and these snake skin maternity pants were with them. She said she found them at the good will and they still have the tag on them. I can't wait to wear them out to eat soon!! I guess maternity clothes comes in a sorts of styles to. I am so excited to be like my idol Peg Bundy!! She would definitely love these pants;-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Here are a few pictures I just wanted to share with you of my pretty niece. It is so hard to believe that she will graduating high school already! We were worried what we were going to do with her hair and I must say it turned out great. If anyone knows Mikeala Joe you know she has short hair, so what to do with it was a mystery to both of us. That is one part of my job I love, creating new do's:) Prom hair day was a long hard day that I dread every year and will say am glad it is over. I will say I had a great group of girls this year. Thanks gals.

Oh I forgot to mention the dress I must say it was very pretty on her! I was skeptical at first as I was with her dress last year but she made it beautiful:)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day to all!

What is a mother? Nurse,doctor,seamstress,counselor,referee,fighter,cook,baker,etc,etc,etc! The list is so long what we women do for our families. You know I have not meet a man that can mulit-task like we can or one that knows every kid in our child's class or what even is a typical day for our child. (Sorry to all you men out there that do know.) I just think that we deserve a big pat on the back for everything that we do. Yes you guys do help out to but today is not your day so I just wanted to tell my fellow gals I hope you had a great day! (I think we really should have a week) Whatever you do today I hope you took time out to do something nice that you wanted to do for yourself:)

Shaggy says it all the strength of a woman!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What a handsome Mann!!
Parker had his First Communion this past Sunday and did he ever look sharp!
I took him suit shopping a couple of weekends ago. He said he wanted a black suit with a black shirt just like Cash (Johnny that is). I said fine but he had to at least pick a colored tie so he went with a blue and black one. He said mom I look sharp and it will look even better with my hair spiked up:)lol
He was not feeling well that morning I just thought it was his nerves, but by 4:00 he was on the couch with a fever. Poor guy didn't do to much smiling but he did say that the wine was yuk!
It is wed. and Parker still is running a fever and has blisters on the back of his throat. Brad took him in for a strep screen on Monday and it came back negative. I decided to call Dr. Atwood back today and he called in some yucky pink stuff. Hopefully he will be back at school on Friday!
Congrats on your Fist communion Parker we love you:)

Oh yea don't make fun of the cake. I was making a cross cake for him and made it and the icing on sat. I decided to take a nap around 6:30-7:00 and didn't get back up until the next morn. Oh well you win some you loose some:)