Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Love and Life
This is a little tid bit on love and life. Brad and I had our 8 year anniversary on the 22nd of July.
In these 8 years we have had a lot of ups and downs. It seems that everyday life can take you on a pretty wild ride sometimes . Sometimes it is easier to say I quit, but you always have to remind yourself why you are in love and what brought you to taking the "big" plunge called marriage. Yes I wonder where I would be with out a husband and kids sometimes but I always come to the conclusion that it would be a pretty boring life! It seems that everyday house cleaning, paying bills taking care of kids and loved ones can make a person feel unappreciated and angry at times. I keep on telling myself that I have to get back to my roots of love and intertwine myself and my mind into that four letter word. It is a lot of hard work no matter who you are or if you have that "perfect" relationship. Keep in mind that "perfect" doesn't exist. Everyone has problems from time to time whether it is financial, communication, appreciation or whatever else. Just always remember it takes two to fall in love and it takes two to fix these problems and create a stronger bond between the both. Love should be the first priority and the rest falls into place. Without it you can not have a happy home life or a good attitude towards life. Life is to short to take advantage of it, and the one person that you created your life with. So with that this blog is for you love, you are my best friend, my rock, my lover, and lord knows the only one I can show my true colors to. Thank you! I love more than words can say! Thanks for staying by my side through it all.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

We had a birthday party for the two Brad's on sat. night. Today is actually My Brad's birthday. Happy birthday love!

The 2 Brad's and Brad's dad Steve getting ready to enjoy some cake.

Payton and Aunt "Tina"

Reid, Riley, Parker, and Patton with Mamaw's new kitty cats

After jumping off of the wagon Parker fell and hurt his knee. No tears though

Reid lost his front tooth. He and Riley collided and it fell out.

Parker and Uncle Chuck. Parker showing off his big muscles

Patton's version of showing off his muscles!
This is one of my favorite pictures. Happy Birthday I do Love you very much!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Late night Frog "Gigging"
Brad called home Wednesday night and told Parker that he found a spot in a bean field that had some bull frogs in it. Parker took that and as an invitation that we were going frog hunting. I should say what the boys called frog "gigging" ( no we did not kill them and I did not cook them up for a late night snack). By the time Brad got home and we ate supper it was 10:45 and Parker was insistent that we go. He even cleaned up his toys in a flash! So we went out in the country and found three frogs and had a good time! I would like to introduce Leapy 1, Leapy 2, and Leapy 3. The boys are having a ball with these frogs and I am sure the frogs are not.

Parker and Patton with their frogs

Patton getting upset because he thinks his has escaped

Patton's frog Leapy #1. It just so happens that the cage had a frog on the bottom of it to.

This is one of Parker's frogs Leapy #2

Leapy 1 and 2 having a jump off

All three Leapy's aren't they just so cute. Well at least Parker thinks so.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Swimming lesson's has come to an end:(
Today was Patton's last day of swimming lesson's. He has had such a good time and hates that it has come to an end. All good things have to come to an end.

Patton doing his back stroke

Patton and Jill doing "bobbers" (going under the water)

Patton and JIll having a good time

Going under water

Good job little buddy you went off the diving board!

Thank you Jillian Patton had a great time!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy "BIG" 4-0 uncle Brad!
We just wanted to wish Uncle Brad a very happy birthday! He graduated in the late 80's and should remember a few things:
I can see you in a pair of these glasses maybe not the mullet or the fresh perm

sure puts the Wii to shame nothing beats frogger!
I wonder how heavy these are, and not to mention the $2.00 a phone call or something stupid like that
Okay Brad I would love to see you on the light up dance floor that would be kick ass!

And yes every rose has it thorn

No I do not know these people but I love the big hair! Even daughter can't get it high enough

Who knows these two Lost Boys
Oh Yea Chips

We had my little brother convinced that he was from Melmac just like ALF
Thriller night
Great things came out of the 80's and even the you were not born in the 80's I am sure that was where most of your memories came from. Even at that who doesn't love the 80's! They were the bomb!
Hope you had a great day,
The Mann Clan

Monday, July 21, 2008

A St. Louis kind of day

We went to St. Louis on Sunday to let the kids visit with Brad's Grammie. They even got to see Uncle Stevie! If you do not know Grammie was burning trash and caught herself on fire. She has fourth degree burns on her legs that the doctors are trying to get under control. She has had a minor set back today with a mild heart attack. If you could keep Grammie in your thoughts and prayers!

After our visit at St. Johns we went to the St. Louis Zoo! We did not have much time so the kids and I decided what everyone wanted to see. It was hot but, at least at 5:00 it was not to bad. The zoo closed at 7:00 on Sunday so we had a little bit of time. Parker was upset because we missed the frog exhibit inside by the gift shop. We did not notice it till it was to late. Patton wanted to see the Dinosaur attraction but did not know about it until Lori told me about it. Oh well there is always next time! We had a great time and the kids were happy to see Grammie.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vacation Bible School has come to an end
Friday night was the last night of VBS. It ended with a short program of the kids singing songs that they had learned. I really could not get any good pictures of them doing there thing. I was able to take a few of them and a few with their best buddies the Dorn Boys!

Patton playing a game with a water balloon. Don't drop it Patton!

Two loving brothers. Something I don't see often!

Maddox and Patton playing on the roll bar of Larry's Jeep.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Patton!

Patton had his 4th birthday this passed Sunday. All he wanted was Checkers The Clown to come and do magic. We had about 20 4-5 year olds come and enjoy the show. He had a great birthday bash at MeMe and Bobo's. Happy birthday "Little Mann"! The music you hear is Patton's favorite song. Enjoy! ( Lee are you okay, are you okay Lee)