Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is a good High School friend of mine. Please pray!

Some of you already know and some of you don't, but Jay and I got home from Hawaii on
Sunday evening and Brady woke up on Monday morning and was very lethargic and had a fever with diahrrea. I took him to the doctor immediately. His temp was 106.3 and he began to have seizures. His blood sugar was 10 (very, very low) He was taken to the ER via ambulance where they somewhat stabilized him and then he was flown via helicopter (I got to go with him) to RIley. He has had many tests ran with no luck of what the cause of all this is. He is in a medically induced coma right now. No response for the most part, although around 5 AM I was talking to him and he started wiggling his feet and his heart rate went up. He is in critical condition. We are keeping the faith right now but would appreciate any prayers you all could send our way. Our cell phones have to be off in the room as we are in PICU, but Jay and I are checking them frequently. While I was writing this e-mail, the doctors called Jay and I out for their staffing. They have hopes that he will respond today and that the seizures have stopped. Please pray.
Jamie Sterchi


Lori said...

Can't imagine. I pray they get good news today.

ginder family said...

Like Lori, can't even imagine. We are praying for them!!!