Monday, February 23, 2009

A fun family weekend
Well Brad had a banquet in Evansville Saturday night so we decided to take the kids and have a little bit of fun. Payton had a competition in Edwardsville that her dad took her to. She placed 1st on the trampoline and 5 on double mini. In Payton's place was a friend of Parker's.

The Children's Museum. I would not recommend it:(

The Boys got ice cream sandwiches after swimming and they ended up with it all over their face.

What a smile

Patton is looking up to his role model Larry. He is trying to get the perfect crack shot. Practice makes perfect uh Larry:) LOL

Mr. Parker the "middle" Mann. He was a little bit on the cold side.


DeAnn said...

Oh my...we are laughing out loud at the crack shot! Larry is so, so proud of Patton. Looks like he's got the look perfected already. :)

Ginder Family said...

Love the crack! Your kiddos are so cute!! Looks like they had a good time!!!