Sunday, February 1, 2009

Move Over Brad cause Mama found a new man!

Parker and Patton getting ready to make the snowman

Parker standing proud by his snowman
We came in the house to find some goods for the snowman. He has a fox racing hat (that Parker wanted to put on sideways but dad said NO)

Mr. Snowman has a spider man scarf. He has two eyes from the lids of Gatorade bottles. His nose is a pampered Chef orange peeler. Refer to two post down on what happened to the carrot nose.

Dad thought he needed to be holding a Pepsi can. I guess a snowman gets thirsty to.

He has three buttons made of milk lids. A stick for a mouth. Yes that is a male snowman you see. Patton decided he needed to be male. Mom quickly told him no extra body parts!
While inside looking for the goods Parker and I came out to a female snow woman. Patton had put two milk lids in the right spot for a girl snow woman. He quickly got shut down on this to. Boys I tell you if they are not thinking of one thing they are thinking of another.

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Lori said...

I'll be posting our snow people tomorrow. I'll just say this ... your snowman will have a well endowed date!