Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 okay 26 random things about me

1. I have a killer headache

2. I have been married to Brad for 8 years

3. I had a miscarriage before Parker, it was an unexpected pregnancy, after which we decided to try for Parker

4. I tried to have baby # 3 for a year and a half with the help of fertility. I decided to stop all treatments and stopped trying and ended up prego with Patton

5. Patton was known as the "other baby" in the hospital because Brad and I could not agree on his name. I was not in favor for Patton, but it just fits him now.

6. I had Payton when I was 16. It was very hard and I feel for all the girls that get prego now at such a young age. I would love to just talk to them.(not that they would listen, I was once their age too)

7. I am awful at typing and spelling

8. I am very thankful for all the friends that I have. I have been blessed immensely! Love you all

9. I love to volunteer, it makes me feel like a better person

10. I don't like to see people volunteer just to have their name on a piece of paper. I guess if they are helping do the job so be it.

11. I despise people that pretend to be someone they are not. Is it true happiness to have a perception of something your not.

12. I am happy in my life. There are days when I want more but I quickly come back to reality. That is not what life is all about.

13. I am a big procrastinator.

14. I love my kids more than life itself

15. I enjoy going out a having a few more than I should. The next morning is not the greatest and I always say that I am never going out again.

16. I wish I was closer to my family. We live in the same town and I don't see them or talk to them that often no reason we are all just "to busy"

17. I don't like to fly, but love to go to warm places

18. I enjoy being lazy (refer to #12)

19. Payton is taking drivers ed this fall and I am a nervous Nellie

20. My kids are growing up before my eyes and I have a hard time with that.

21. I miss my old school friends and don't like the fact that we have grown so far apart(Stacey, Jamie and others)

22. I am very vain and didn't realize it until the gray hair and wrinkles came

23. Payton has a different dad than the boys. She sees him about every weekend and I hate that for her it makes her weekends rough sometimes.

24. I wish Payton and I were a little bit closer. People tell me that will happen when she is about 25

25. Hate is a bad word in my house. Isn't there enough hate in this world?

26. I secretly would love to have another baby. I dream about this almost every night. I just would like to have it be a baby for 6 months and then magically turn 5. LOL

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