Thursday, February 12, 2009

Please keep on praying! The Sterchi's need it now more than anything.

Well, here goes. Today was a really rough day for Brady. We (not Brady) woke up with high hopes of seeing his beautiful eyes because of the progress we made yesterday (reaction to stimulus) but around 9:30 he had a couple more seizures. They did a CAT scan and the neurologist said that he has had mini strokes on both sides of the brain in the front and the back (nobody can predict damage at this time though--but more than likely it will affect his motor skills, balance and coordination). He made it through the rest of the day hooked to a EEG machine and everything was looking good until about 6:30 PM when he had 2 more seizures. So, needless to say, they put him even deeper into his medically induced coma with more medications to instantly stop the seizure. With that said, he is being fed though a feeding tube now as we don't really know when he will wake up. Initially, they were kind of holding off in hopes that he would wake up and we could start feeding him normally, but with everything that happened today, this is the route that they chose. The biochemical genetic doctor is sure that there is a metabolic issue here, but not sure which one as he has to run numerous tests. We talked about what that means today and it varies a lot--we just have to wait and see, don't really want to get into as none of it is positive. So, another day goes by and I still haven't seen Brady's beautiful eyes but Jay and I are trying to balance each other out. We struggle daily watching our baby boy and the different things that are happening to his body. Please continue to send positive thought our ways and prayer to God for Brady's recovery. We try to stay strong for each other, for Haylee and especially for Brady but we both find ourselves struggling at times.
Jamie Sterchi

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Anonymous said...

My Prayers are with Brady and
his family.