Friday, October 30, 2009

What the......
Payton came to me 2 nights ago and said mom I have a rash starting on my forehead look. So I looked and said oh I see. (it looked like a cluster of pimples to me but was not going to tell her that) Well last night she shows me again and it has spread a little bit more and she says it itches. Well I really didn't know what to tell besides don't scratch it and we will see if it gets worse. She goes to her room and Brad just looks at me and "one of the symptoms of the swine flu is a rash." WTH??!! So I immediately get defensive and say whatever I am sick of hearing the crap about the swine flu and Payton doesn't have it!
Brads secretary's son came by the office to tell her that he just came from the doctor the told him he had it and gave him some tamiflu. I then heard a few other people said there doctor says they have it to. Well this really ticks me off because it is putting everyone in a tissy over this.
Doctor Megan: so you are not felling well okay vomiting, headache
Jane Doe: no doctor I just don't feel good but I did manage to drive myself here and take my kids to school and go to the bank.
Doctor Megan: yep, yep well Jane lets test you for influenza A and B.
Jane Doe: Okay great
Doctor Megan: Well Jane looks like those came back negative so yep you have the dundundun swine flu.
Jane Doe: The dundundun swine flu don't you need to test me to make sure.
Doctor Megan: Oh no that test is $400.00 and I am saying you have it. So here go to the pharmacy and get this and have a great day. Oh and don't forget to pay $160.00 in office visit before you leave
Jane Doe: I am on my way to the pharmacy to spread my sickly dundundun swine flu germs to everyone.
NO I am not crazy just sick of the bullshit. These doctors are not testing for this and I know first hand from my mom. She is guilty of it to she said she has seen many H1N1 cases. I asked her if she tested them and she said oh no it is to expensive. Unless the person is very ill and about to go to the hospital or in the hospital they will not test. Well for us not so doctor smart normal people (sorry Mom) you are causing a big stir!!!!! What could be a simple stomach virus or respiratory thing going on you are slapping a not positive diagnosis on and sending these people home to tell all their friends oh my God Doctor Megan says I have the dundundun swine flu! It spreads to other people hey did you hear that Jane Doe has the swine flu shut down the school where her kids go and don't go to the place where she works oh and did you see her husband last night? I waved at him oh no my stomach hurts I think I have the swine flu for waving at him oh I think I am going to die.
Okay I think you get my point and no the children and people it has killed I feel for their families because I just don't know it could happen to us and then I would feel very shitting for posting this well part of it anyways.
Come on people if you take proper precautions maybe just maybe your family won't get it. No I don't mean run out to the nearest flu vaccination clinic. I choose not to get the shot for me or my kids. I might regret that and I might not. To me there is not enough research. I feel like they just threw it together because everyone is scared and not to mention someone is making a killing on it. (okay bad choose of words). This choose is not for everyone and I am not saying you are a bad parents for getting the shot either. It is what you feel comfortable with. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't.
My mom did send me and e-mail with a few things to help prevent you from getting it so I have been having the kids do it before bed and before school. Okay last night and today doesn't count I just remembered we didn't do it. It is a few simple and cheap things to try
1. Gargle with warm salt water this will help kill germs. Salt has some awesome uses besides tasting oh so yummy on my popcorn
2. Take a q-tip and swab the inside of you nostrils with that same salt water.
3. Rinse out your cup and fill it back up with very warm water, and drink it. This is to help kill the germs inside your body
4. Blow your nose really hard about 4 times a day. Tell your kids to blow so hard you want to see if they can blow pieces of brains out. Sick I know but I am a mother of two boys that love that gross stuff so it works for me.
5. Simple WASH your HANDS a lot!!!!!!!! Don't go sneeze in your hand and then go touch something or watch your child do it and not say anything. Your kids may not like to wash their hands but hey you are their parent make them after a few times of being consistent it will become habit.
Well what ever anybody does good luck to all But please help the spread of germs! Germ-x, soap, Lysol whatever you choose is fine with me and the world!


Kathy H said...

I could not have said this better--I also hate hearing everyone saying they have the SF, when who knows what they have.

Maybe I am too optomistic--when D had Mono, we just thought she was "love" sick because the BF had just broke up with her--we were on vacation and I tried to comfort a broken heart when in reality it was a broken immune system.

It just made me be more aware but still not jump to conclusions with every sneeze and snot.

Mandie Bower said...

OMG! I am cracking up! I love it!!! Thanks for bringing some humor and sanity to all of this!

Tara Mitchell said...

Thank you Dr. Megan. You just summed up my very thoughts! Not every sick person in town has the swine flu. Next year they will be on to something else to have the public scared to death!

Lori said...

Yes, Thank you Dr. Megan! The swine flu is like Michael Jackson ... people don't shut up about it!

Megan said...

OMG Lori thanks for the laugh!!!