Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Well Parker finally saved up enough $$ to buy his new ride. We went to the bank cashed it all in and went to find uncle Mike(I pitched in the rest of the $$) Parker worked very hard to save his money for the past couple of months and he ended up with a decent amount great job little buddy:) He even was looking under all the aisles in Wal-mart to find loose change. Okay it was a little embarrassing having your kid on the dirty floor but it was fact of how excited and how much the 4-wheeler means to him. He did end up finding a little over a dollar I think. Okay I am sure some of you like me are a little nervous about a 7 year old boy on a 4-wheeler but rest assure that he knows the rules and the safety and knows what will happen if he breaks them. This also teaches him a valuable lesson that not everything in life will be handed to him the great benefits of hard work and dedication do pay off. So with that said congrats on your first major purchase in life Parker mom and dad are very proud of you:)
P.S. This is the middle Mann the redneck new favorite song maybe the little Mann won't be so hick like.lol not that being a hick is bad I am one myself I just choose to believe that there is a little bit of a city girl in me;-)


jodi said...

Looks like a really happy boy! Way to go Parker! Like your Mom, I agree that earning the money will make you appreciate your new ride a whole more than if someone just handed the cash to you. Happy riding:)

DeAnn said...

Nice ride Parker! We're proud of you!