Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Morning blog world!
Well it is 8:51 I am still in my jamms and I have no motivation. This the story of my life these days. I don't have to be to work until 12:30 so what do I do. That is where you come in. I am trying to be a little more organized with my time and I just thought i would type out what I have done this week and what I have yet to do.
Monday: Um geez I don't even think that I can think that far back.Okay can't remember I know I worked some in there. oh I remembered I took my recylce stuff.
Tuesday: Well Miles did not come today they went on vacation and got back late Monday night. I have a whole post on that little scoot. I cleaned the bathrooms,the wood,floors,wiped down the couches, gave dogs bath,fbked,fell in love with grid shock game on fb(thanks a ton Katie).Ran some errands, picked up little people from school, went to vin. got home around 6:30,did homework,read,played more grid shock,took Payton to dance,picked Payton up got kids showers did laundry, fbked played more grid shock(yes I know addict). Went to bed.
Wed. Got kids ready to go to school, fixed bfast,took kids, came home and payed bills,balanced checkbook. Got onto fb and played grid shock. Blogged and then got ready for work. Went to work came home ate lunch, went to school got script card to go to wal-mart. Went to wal-mart spent more than my script card almost late picking up little people. Got home did homework, read, got on yes you guessed it fb, went to work, laundry, fixed supper, off to karate and religion. Took Patton home after religion and went and hung out with Jodi S. Thanks Jodi I needed that! Came home and went to bed.
This weekend I know we are going to the parade and no my kids are not going to be in it. I want to enjoy the parade and so do they.
Sat. work and then a birthday party and then trick or treating.
Sunday: church it is my moms birthday. Payton has her first competition and then home to cook supper and celebrate moms b-day.
I think I have my weekend filled up so I guess I had better get of my rump and do something! That does not consist of grid shock:)


jodi said...

yes - Megan I needed a good night too...gracias!
You know if someone would have published the Mommy handbook for us - life would be a whole lot easier:) Good luck with all the chores and little people. and for Payton - you're doing you're best because you confronted her with questions. Just let her know you care:)

Lori said...

Well at least you had Monday to relax!

Tell Payton GOOD LUCK at her competition!

Love ya!