Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Went shopping yesterday and swimming and then out for ice cream. Shopping was good we got some good deals. Poor Carol suffered through. The kids did okay. They had those machines that you could ride. Parker figured out how to shake it just right to make it work without using money. We got back Carol made yummy pizza and then we went for a dip in the neighbors pool. Ice Cream and then off to bed! We have a busy day today traveling to the White House. I will try to post tonight but am not sure if I will. Today is Brad's birthday to and I have nothing except a happy birthday love! I will figure something out.
Oh yea Reid when we were at the mall we seen one of those rides that malla cop(Patton's version of mall cop) uses, I wanted to take a picture of it but when Uncle Brad turned around it was gone. The funniest part is when went to get ice cream last night we were pulling out and seen a service van just for those scooter things. Just think of you every time I think of it!
Oh by the way I probably won't have e-mail access so I won't be able to check any e-mail so if it is important call me:) Off to have lunch with the Obama's and let the kids play together!LOL

Happy Birthday LOVE!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brother Dear! Looks like you guys did good shopping. Hope you have fun at the White House. Clean out the boys pockets before you go.:)

DeAnn said...

Happy Birthday Brad! Looking forward to another update on how the playdate with the Obama's went. Miss you all!