Thursday, July 30, 2009

Well it is 5:15 and I came down to get coffee and need to get ready to go. We are to meet the Obama's for tea at 7:45. We will tour the white house and then stop at the tarance and watch the kids play on the first playground. Parker is so excited!LOL I think I was up every hour making sure that I did not our sleep. Uhhh oh well it will be neat and I can take a rest when we get back. The bad part is that we can not take any pictures. Shimkus himself is going to take us on our tour so I thought it be nice to at least take a group picture of us, but oh well. Brad is going to take his phone they did say that was allowed so maybe we can get one with it. We have a whole list of places that we want to do today so lets see if we get to all of them. Well guess i had better get ready to go. Everyone have a great day and I will tell you all about the President and the first lady on my next post! HEHE

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