Friday, July 31, 2009

Well The White House was neat. Shimkus meet us and took us right in. There was a very long line and he took us through it and we got to the front and got right in. The first stop was the ball room. Wow! I could do some dancing in there! Parker was excited about the blue room he couldn't wait to see it. They put a 18 and a half Christmas tree in there. They have to move the chandelier to make room for it. Then to the red room. The walls are all covered in fabric it looks like paint but its not. There were fresh flowers everywhere. Gold eagles on everything, Nice pictures of all the old Presidents and statues all over the place. It is amazing to me the amount of money that is put into the appearance of everything. I guess to me for as broke as our nation is we could cut some of these unnecessary out. When we walked out of the front doors we looked up and seen a cute butterfly on one window and a dragonfly on another. We figured this was the first daughters room. Neat to see that real people do live there. Parker was sad at the end of the tour though he was hoping that he would see the President.
After the White House we went to the Holocaust museum. We went into a room that was called Daniel's house. Very heart felt and sad. What these Jews went through was horrific! I had tears in my eyes buy the end of it. We had a capitol tour at 2 so we viewed a bunch more of D.C. and rushed around. I think we figured we walked 10 miles! Poor Patton fell asleep on Brad's shoulders he even had a big nasty string of spit in Brad's hair! Brad insisted that we not bring a stroller for the little guy so he was responsible for him. Parker what a trooper did not complain but 2 times that he wanted to take a break. Payton has blisters on her toes. Three on her little toe all bunched together. I feel bad for her I am sure it hurts! The one thing I wanted to do was take the kids to the mint but the tickets were all gone by the time we got there. We thought about going back today but just don't have time. The capitol was neat not much to see we were not allowed to see congress in session so we just toured what we could. very pretty. Guys in suits everywhere. Everybody was go,go,go. If they could just slow down and enjoy life!
I think the best part for Patton was the Metro he loved putting money into the machines and passing out our tickets. He held on tight to his and thought the machine that took your ticket to get through was fun. One machine even gave us our tickets back! The boys have seen lots of homeless people sleeping on benches and asked a lot of questions about them. I tried to explain to them that people really do sleep in cardboard boxes. Payton says well it is their on fault! I guess it is but circumstances arise in life that are out of our control and sometimes that happens to people. The weather here is hot and very sticky. Not good if you have frizzy hair like Payton and I do. It takes lots of product to control. I wore a necklace and now I have a fake one on my neck for a while do to the sunburn that resides on my neck:)lol Well we are all stiff and tired and are ready to head to Arlington this morning then to New Jersey to the beach for some play and relaxation.


DeAnn said...

Sounds like you have been busy, busy! Keep enjoying...

Anonymous said...

So, Were the President, First Lady
and their daughters in the "House",
when you all were there?

Be prepared to make a return trip
and meet them personally. I have
it on good information that Parker's
letter ( with the Tomatoe Seeds ),
has caught the First Family's
attention. I knew it would and
thought the two trips would have
been combined. This one will probably be an all expense paid
trip at the Presidents personal
invite. Keep your fingers crossed.

I have to admitt that I was confused.
Now after reading your blog, I am
crystal clear. This was a tour of
the White House, hosted by Shimkus.

I am sure that he had seen "the
letter" and wanted to get a head
of the First Family. Politics,
what a wonderful world ( NOT ).

Now for the serious question:
Are Yunz Ready to Kill each other
yet? :-)

Neighbor Larry