Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We went to the crayola factory yesterday and that was fun and very busy! They did their demonstration and then they had different stations you could do different activities. You also received 3 tokens to buy crayons, markers, and molding clay with. Didn't do much of anything else but have fun with Harvey, Carol, Ali J and Johnathan. Lots of play time with them! I think Ali J has won my heart over!

This is Johnathan what a cutie pie!

This is the total of crayons that has been made since they were invented. We thought the number would be higher.

The kids and I doing some activity. Parker trying to be funny:)

Carol and Ali J

Payton really didn't want her picture taken

Payton really didn't want her picture taken here by a big crayon. I guess I could use it for good blackmail.

How scary does this look! This activity allowed the kids to write on this big plexiglass wall. Parker looks like he is going to take out his brother.
The kids did very well in this very crowded place. Patton did have one melt down though, there were the machines that would flatten and mold a penny and he would not stop crying until we finally let him do one. I was so proud of them we went to the gift shop when it was all done and the only thing they wanted was a 1.50 glow in the dark silly putty! Well better go to bed.

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