Friday, May 8, 2009

Well as usual time had got away from me. I have been a little bit on the busy side and apologize!
This week we made Ding Dong Delight!
All you have to do is take about 6-7 ding dongs cut them in half
Make 2 boxes instant chocolate pudding. You can add a little bit of whip cream if you want to your pudding.
pour that over the ding dongs and then add whip cream over the pudding. Crush up some oreo's and put on top and there you have it yummy!
Sorry George the boys did not pull out your name, but they did pull out Lori's.
Oh and George tell neighbor Larry thanks the boys had a great time!


Lori said...

Lori ... as in me? Did I enter?

Anonymous said...

Yes, and now you just entered
for next week, and so did I.

George the Snapping Turtle Cat

Anonymous said...

I can vouch how delicious this is.
It was my prize from when my
name was drawn.

And NO, George and Ms. Priss
did not get any, Ha Ha.

They are on time-out now anyway
for miss use of privleges.

Neighbor Larry

P.S. The rest of yu-all are
missing the boat by not posting.
Your loss and my gain :-).

Anonymous said...


I am so glad that the boys had
a good time. I know that it was
a honor to me that they went and
that you and Brad allowed them
to go. You guys are good people.