Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tasty Tuesday
Well a little homemade salsa sounded good and it was!
I used a can of canned tomatoes from last years garden YUM!
4 grocery store tomatoes
chives chopped
4 green onions
bunch of cilantro
1 purple onion
a little bit of salt and pepper
a little bit of lime juice
jalapeno pepper
Easy, yummy, and not bad for you! I can't wait for the garden fresh tomatoes what a difference that makes


Lori said...

Love the pics ... would've enjoyed eating it more!

jodi said...

That looks so good! Salsa is the one thing I love to can with all of our garden goodies. I have several recipes for sweet, mild, hot, and HOLY CRAP! LOL

DeAnn said...

Mmmm...that does look good!

Anonymous said...

It is Delicousooooseiiiissss!!!

I want a big bowl if I win ...

Neighbor Larry

Anonymous said...

O.K., Megan it is time to
cook something up ...

Stella G.

Anonymous said...

I live in Salt Lake Utah
My eMail is auntb1920@hotmail.com

I never win anything, you did
not do this on purpurse did you?