Thursday, January 7, 2010

Warning very long post
Oh my goodness......
Well today I have done nothing!! Yesterday was the day from HELL!!!! I guess this whole week has been. Monday I gave a lady a perm and she has been a regular of mine for a while now. She is one of my friends and customers mother. Lets just say she gets emotional from time to time! She moved here not to long ago and when she came someone had gotten a hold of hair and it was just not what she wanted so I have been getting it back into shape. She had been wanting a perm for a while and I said no it is not ready for a perm yet well finally she got her perm it was exactly what we talked about and she was good until I took the rollers out and and showed her instant crying. Got her fixed up and she was still crying called her daughter to come and get her and didn't know what to say. She gave me a hug and said she would see me Monday and sorry for her crying. It was a little bit uncomfortable with everyone else in the shop. In the mean time I had a lady under the dryer that had gotten a perm the week before and was complaining about how there was no curl and it a frizzy mess. I got her trimmed and frizz free and sent her on her way. Then I had a new guy waiting in the chair. He was about 25 and very tall!! I cut his hair and showed him and he wanted a little bit shorter. Okay fine but after about 4 times of that and him telling me how if you want something go for it and he wants his hair blah,blah,blah. Well then the crying lady comes back with her daughter so her daughter can get her hair cut and lady his fine and talkative and I thought her hair looked great! I then come home and just want to go to bed, about 3 in the morning I awake to the guy beside wanting to know if I am "awake" (sorry Mischelle and Kristina I know that is probably gross to you) are you freaking kidding me hell no I am not awake go back to bed! Men good golly miss Molly!
Tuesday: Good day had Miles did a lot of laundry got the bathrooms cleaned. Picked up the kids and headed to Effingham to get supplies for work. Get them and drop Miles off and come home open the back hatch and oh my goodness a whole gallon of peroxide developer is everywhere. (sorry mom don't tell dad) No hole or crack just simply the lid was not on. The floor mat we put in the Tub instantly to try to get it out. It is okay just a few small spots. I have my parents car due to the fact that mine is parked in the drive broke. It is going to cost anywhere from 500 to 1200.00 to get it fixed and the guy is a week behind. I just need to get a new one but don't want to shell out the $$ for it.
Wed. Not even wanting to know what is going to bring I still must force myself out of bed. Take the kids come home do a few things talk to Payton's dad on the phone to find out that his step dad was very ill and in the hospital. Then head to the school to copy papers, get there with 30 minutes before I need to be at work thinking that is enough time. I had to go to the other building to use the dye cutter something new to me so the principal showed me how to do after she went to find out exactly what the teacher wanted. No biggie got it done and was 5 minutes late for work. Get to work notice that I cut my finger somehow and there was blood everywhere yuck! Do my fist customer starving by this point it was 12:45 no time to go and get something because the the crazy lady comes in for another conditioning treatment at 1:00. She comes in and chews on me for a bit and wants to know what she is going to do with her hair. It is awful on there is no curl. I told her there was the curl for the rod size she picked and she argued with me. I remained silent because I didn't know what to tell her. We go to the front where she proceeded to chew on me some more at this point I had tears in my eyes and then she says I cleaned many houses and you just can't please everyone and not to worry about it that she was just a hard woman to please and then she told me to come here so she could give me a hug. I am now rethinking my haircutting abilities do I suck at my job or is she just a fruit loop! In 13 years I have only had 2 people complain like that and she was one of them so I guess I am doing something right. I love my job and try to give it my all but that really knocked me down. I get the kids and tell Payton about her grandpa and talk to her dad on the phone and he said that Jerry had a few heart attacks his kidneys were failing and his lungs were filling up with fluid. Brad's parents were going to vinn. so they took Payton with them and dropped her off at the hospital about an hour later she texted me and said he was gone. Poor thing I feel so bad for her that is the third death in that family in 2 years. She wanted to know why everyone was dying. I finished my third beer around midnight and went to bed.
Thursday I get a call at 6:00 saying that there was no school yippee I got to sleep in and my 1:00 cancelled due to the snow so here I am still in my p.j.'s at 5:00 needing to get in the shower to go to work by 6. A very welcomed uneventful day! After work I need to go and pick up my new best friend Mic at the liquor store and finish off my very lazy day!
What will tomorrow bring who knows but i guess it could be worse. My family is all in good health and we have heat and the bills are paid or at least somewhat.


Julie Botterbush said...

I am so sorry for laughing, but, I can oh so relate. Working with the public is SO MUUUUUCH FUN. You know, when I was doing ICU and post surgical nursing, everyone was pretty much sedated or straight out knocked out. I did this for almost 15 years. It wasn't until I started doing Home Health that I relaized that every 1 to 1.75 people out of 2 are just straight out nuts. There is a reason why psych drugs are the most prescribed med in the US. As for Brad at 3 AM, let out a long snore and he'll figure it out.

Megan said...

so really they are crazy not me,he,he,he

Lori said...

Hang in there sista!