Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Answers from above?
I heard some news today that I just don't know how to process. I am sure many of you have heard the same story of the Fletcher family. If you haven't this is what I know.
There are 9 kids in this family and a mom. The mother and father are going through a divorce. Last night their trailer caught on fire 6 of the 9 kids got out the mother went in to save the other 3 and the roof collapsed on her and they did not survive.
Rashanda – age 16
Rolanda – age 13
Rahaina – age 10
Rhona – age 6
Rylin – age 4
Rylee Ann – age 6 months (she was a twin – her twin brother, only boy did not survive)
I don't know these people at all never meet them never heard of them. I just don't understand how the God that I follow and praise and worship let something so horrible happen. I do believe that things happen for a reason and sometimes we just don't know that reason and never will.
Every time I think of this story I just get sick to my stomach. What was going through that poor mother's mind when she ran back in to try to save her other children? What in the heck was that dad doing where was he during all of this? Those poor kids what is to become of them and what will they do with themselves?
I know these things happen everyday but for some reason it just has taken a toll on me and my heart. I just keep telling myself what can I do to help them. There are different people who are starting collections of clothing and such for them. I guess I could just right a check I don't know what to do. I guess the way I think of it we are all Gods people and he did give us his son to wash away our sin so we could stay in the world that he created. So we all need to pull together in time of need and take care of our fellow brother and sisters who are hurting and distraught. That is practicing being a good Christian. Sorry here I go again with the faith thing but it is what keeps me going.
All I know is for these poor kids out there all I can do is pray for them and try to give a little monetary donation. I invite you to do the same or at least pray for them and what their world has in store for them. Life is short and precious so make the most of it. If we take care of one another maybe just maybe it will be an okay world after all.

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Anonymous said...

I know how you are feeling right now. I knew this family...all of them except for the new baby twins who I never met. It is breaking my heart that this happened to them...very nice people and good kids. I keep picturing those girls and thinking about Rhonda trying to save her children and I keep picturing the oldest, Shonda, standing outside with the others waiting on their mom to come back with the other kids and when she didn't knowing that they weren't coming out...I cannot imagine the horror they felt that night and still now. I was in tears all last night thinking about them and how happy they always were..how cute...how excited they were to show me something. May Rhonda, Rashannon, Rashayla, and Ryler rest in peace and may their other sisters and their dad find peace someday.