Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Well the kids are at school and I am now cleaning the boy's room in peace.
The morning started out good until Parker told Patton that his shirt was stupid and then Patton threw a fit because he didn't want to wear it. That did break the ice for me no tears just angry because now I had to yell at Parker and make him apologize to Patton and tell him that his shirt was cool so he would wear it.
Payton was yelling at he boys to hurry up because she was going to be late and it was only 7:20. The morning traffic I was not ready for and we finally arrived at St. Joe at 7:47 not much time to get tell the kids good bye. I forgot it was church day so the teachers were looking at me like okay Mrs. Mann please leave so we can get going. Got Patton in his seat and he was quiet and seemed very nervous. He said his tummy hurt poor guy has his mommy's nervous tummy. I did tear up a little but I guess I will live. They can't be little for ever and that is the hardest thing to accept. It will be different not having the little guy with me everyday.
So now what, I have a list of things I need to get done when I am not working so I will start with the boy's room and go from there.
Poor Morris the cat has followed me around all morning I guess he knows that mom is sad and wants to console me. He is laying on the mouse pad as we speak. He even cleaned my arm while he was giving himself a bath. Off to clean only and hour left before I have to pick them up.

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