Thursday, January 8, 2009

Does the fighting ever STOP???
Well the boys seem to be fighting over something all the time these days! I had warned them I was going to put them in time out and make them hug and kiss each other if they didn't stop fighting. Well I try my hardest to follow through with my threats, as you can see below. I made them sit in time out hugging each other for 5 whole minutes. When the timer went off they had to give each other a kiss on the check. That wasn't to hard for Patton, but Parker thought it was awful. I just want to teach them the importance of having a brother or sister. They are pretty lucky to have each other and I don't want them to miss out on something because they were to busy fighting over a toy or something stupid. They should be each others dearest friends.

I think Patton was enjoying Parker's embarrassment a little to much. Look at that grin!


DeAnn said...

Larry had the boys do that once. The big boys definitely don't get into it as much. Funny though!

Wow, you have outdone yourself...3 posts in one night!

Brenda said...

Ever since Christmas vacation my kids have been doing the same thing. I make them stand and hold hands, and hug at the end. Unfortunatly they went right back to fighting. I feel like you do though, I want them to know the importance of siblings. Good luck : )