Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 08!
Well I am glad it is all over with. Come Monday it will be back to normal with the kid's back into school. I am looking forward to a decent routine again. I didn't think we had one until the break and decided that our crazy life and schedule was not to bad! I hope everyone had a great holiday season!
our little Penny Princess and Patton's stuffed dogie
I think Payton was a little surprised
We got the boys new sunglasses. They are blue Oakley's with flames on the side. They thought those flames made them really cool!
Patton got dad a new set of pliers at secret Santa.
Patton got a new blue blanket he couldn't get over how soft it was. He has two just like it, but he chews on the silk edging so with this one he says there are no pieces chewed out!
My two boys
Christmas at Mema and Bobo's. Uncle Mikey you look so excited!
My mom always gets some dumb gift this year she didn't do to bad. She did get Matt and Lindsey these matching hats. The sad part is that Matt actually grabbed it by accident and wore it to the bank.
About 23 years ago my dad wright a poem on the stars, I found it and had Mitch Erwin take a picture of the stars and frame it for him. I do believe he liked it!


pjseiler said...

I saw your link on facebook and enjoyed reading your blog. Your house sounds a lot like ours! :) If you're interested in reading mine, just shoot me an email and I'll send you an invite.

Jenny Seiler

Amanda M said...

I can just see Matt toolin around town with a NEW MOM hat on! Thats pretty funny!