Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Holiday World
Brad had a company outing at Holiday World a couple of Sunday's ago. The kids had a great time and so did we. Patton said that he did not want to ride any "polar toasters", by the end of the day he was ready to rid those "polar toasters" dad would not let him though. I think out of the three kids we might have one that will ride the big rides with us!
Look mom no hands!
Payton and the chief
Brad and Payton racing. GO Payton GO!
Parker and Patton racing down 1 of the 3 slides Patton could ride.


DeAnn said...

We were just there today...and it's funny I have pictures of the boys in those same places even one of Larry with the Chief.

megan said...

what was Larry doing with the cheif?

DeAnn said...

I have no idea??? He said something about finally finding his dad...who knows?