Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A trip before school and a sad goodbye.....
Well Brad's grandma is not doing well at all, they did not think that she would make through the weekend. We decided to take the boys over for what we thought would be a last goodbye. They had a few questions, but are still to young to understand illness and death. Please keep Grammie and Brad and his family in your thoughts and prayers. The hospital will only let the kids go on Sunday from2-4 so we decided to go over on Saturday and let the kids do a few things before school starts. Unfortunately Payton went out of town with her dad this same weekend. We Sure did miss you not being part of the family fun sister!
Me and my boys in the hotel before heading to the City Museum
Parker at the fire museum in the St. Louis Mills. He said it was his favorite part of the trip

The boy's at the Spaghetti Factory

Mom and Dad waiting patiently to do mom's favorite thing, EAT!

Parker had the balloon guy make him a bear

And yes you guessed it that is a...... sword!

This was at the Arch and It made me think, does it you....

The City Museum and fun place for kids and a heart attack for mom's. I was constantly worried that I was going to lose the boys! It doesn't help that I am afraid of heights and claustrophobic!

Hold on tight Patton

We went to the Zoo a couple of weeks ago and missed the frogs and the dinosaurs. Parker really enjoyed the frogs!
And Patton enjoyed the life like dinosaurs, but not the 3-d movie. He said he thought t-Rex was going to eat him.

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Lori said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Rylin and I enjoyed the dinos at the zoo also. Can you imagine those things running around at will? Eeeeeeeeeek!