Monday, July 21, 2008

A St. Louis kind of day

We went to St. Louis on Sunday to let the kids visit with Brad's Grammie. They even got to see Uncle Stevie! If you do not know Grammie was burning trash and caught herself on fire. She has fourth degree burns on her legs that the doctors are trying to get under control. She has had a minor set back today with a mild heart attack. If you could keep Grammie in your thoughts and prayers!

After our visit at St. Johns we went to the St. Louis Zoo! We did not have much time so the kids and I decided what everyone wanted to see. It was hot but, at least at 5:00 it was not to bad. The zoo closed at 7:00 on Sunday so we had a little bit of time. Parker was upset because we missed the frog exhibit inside by the gift shop. We did not notice it till it was to late. Patton wanted to see the Dinosaur attraction but did not know about it until Lori told me about it. Oh well there is always next time! We had a great time and the kids were happy to see Grammie.

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DeAnn said...

We've got Grammie on our prayer list. We'll definitely be thinking of her.

Glad you got a chance to have a little fun at the zoo.