Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy "BIG" 4-0 uncle Brad!
We just wanted to wish Uncle Brad a very happy birthday! He graduated in the late 80's and should remember a few things:
I can see you in a pair of these glasses maybe not the mullet or the fresh perm

sure puts the Wii to shame nothing beats frogger!
I wonder how heavy these are, and not to mention the $2.00 a phone call or something stupid like that
Okay Brad I would love to see you on the light up dance floor that would be kick ass!

And yes every rose has it thorn

No I do not know these people but I love the big hair! Even daughter can't get it high enough

Who knows these two Lost Boys
Oh Yea Chips

We had my little brother convinced that he was from Melmac just like ALF
Thriller night
Great things came out of the 80's and even the you were not born in the 80's I am sure that was where most of your memories came from. Even at that who doesn't love the 80's! They were the bomb!
Hope you had a great day,
The Mann Clan


DeAnn said...

Happy Birthday Brad...from The Dorn family!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday Brad!
Nice senior pic.

Love the eighties info Megan. Just think in 9 years we could be doing this for you!

megan said...

yep nine years. Seems like a life time but will be around the corner It will a rockin good time! Love you long time!