Friday, July 25, 2008

Late night Frog "Gigging"
Brad called home Wednesday night and told Parker that he found a spot in a bean field that had some bull frogs in it. Parker took that and as an invitation that we were going frog hunting. I should say what the boys called frog "gigging" ( no we did not kill them and I did not cook them up for a late night snack). By the time Brad got home and we ate supper it was 10:45 and Parker was insistent that we go. He even cleaned up his toys in a flash! So we went out in the country and found three frogs and had a good time! I would like to introduce Leapy 1, Leapy 2, and Leapy 3. The boys are having a ball with these frogs and I am sure the frogs are not.

Parker and Patton with their frogs

Patton getting upset because he thinks his has escaped

Patton's frog Leapy #1. It just so happens that the cage had a frog on the bottom of it to.

This is one of Parker's frogs Leapy #2

Leapy 1 and 2 having a jump off

All three Leapy's aren't they just so cute. Well at least Parker thinks so.

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