Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Parker got the privilege to go check out some cool guitars the other night.  One of my customers husbands makes these very beautiful guitars.  He said it takes him a few months to put one together and he ships them all across the world!  Parker picked out his favorite one and asked the price.  His wheels were turning thinking of how he could come up with that kind of money.  He said he would sell his 4wheeler and take money out of his piggy bank.  Unfortunately I had to tell him that would still not be enough.  So we just told him to practice, practice, practice and we would see what we could do down the road.  A BIG thanks to Bob and Nancy Wallace for being the heros of the day and  making a little boys evening:)  The first two pictures are his favorite the first one being  more in his reach of saving, the second one being the one he really wants.  I think I have a guitar collector on my hands.

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