Sunday, May 30, 2010

This is how we spend a lot of of evening the past couple of weeks. This is Patton on the go doing what he likes to do best play ball. The past couple of games he has told us he doesn't like baseball and he doesn't want to play anymore. Well after Friday nights game he is back in the game of liking it! He was so excited that he hit off of a coach pitch and not the tee!!! What a little bit of self confidence will do for a person.
Growing up we heard a lot of Harry carry and take me out to the ball game, just don't let Patton know that I put a song in his post that cheers on the Cubies;-) My Grandpa Joe was a big Cubs fan and my grandpa Jack was a big Cards fan so I had the best of both worlds. My daddy always taught me to cheer on every team and every player even if you were playing against their team. I intend to teach my kids the same thing. It shows great sportsmanship and that nobody is better than the other.


Anonymous said...

Your idea is wonderful and should have been and should be taught in all families that no one is better than the other.
Julie Botterbush

Megan said...

Thanks Julie I am just trying to instill the good values my dad and mom taught me. In todays society it can sometimes be hard though:(

joven said...

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