Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day to all!

What is a mother? Nurse,doctor,seamstress,counselor,referee,fighter,cook,baker,etc,etc,etc! The list is so long what we women do for our families. You know I have not meet a man that can mulit-task like we can or one that knows every kid in our child's class or what even is a typical day for our child. (Sorry to all you men out there that do know.) I just think that we deserve a big pat on the back for everything that we do. Yes you guys do help out to but today is not your day so I just wanted to tell my fellow gals I hope you had a great day! (I think we really should have a week) Whatever you do today I hope you took time out to do something nice that you wanted to do for yourself:)

Shaggy says it all the strength of a woman!


BGndr said...

Happy Mother's Day Megan!!

jodi said...

Happy Mother's Day! And whatever watering hole you & Deann have been frequenting, I don't want any part of it! HA HA HA

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