Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well yesterday I had my top left wisdom tooth pulled out a cavity filled and a sealant done. All I know is that my mouth was so numb I talked funny and was afraid I might bite my tongue off because it was a big thing in my mouth.
Well Parker came home and right before bed he decided that he would try to pull out one of the four teeth that are loose and he did. Well we put his tooth and my tooth in his tooth container and hoped that the tooth fairy would come. Yea she did, but she only left Parker a dollar and not me:(
STOP: If you don't like blood don't look below!


Lori said...

Good job on the tooth pulling Parker! You are a pro at that!

Megan, I'm sorry the tooth fairy didn't leave you any money. You must not be being a good girl.

jodi said...

Megan- you got really riped off by the tooth money & no new tooth....bummer.

DeAnn said...

Way to go Parker...Gavin's still waiting to have a loose tooth. Supposedly everybody is losing teeth except for him...just kidding!