Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Please bare with me I am having troubles in the blogging world. I have tried 3 times to post video and pics of Payton. I get it all done and it say tag is not on HTML and it will post it but the video will not work. Has this happened to anyone else and might you have any suggestions? It makes me so MAD! I stayed up until 12:45 waiting for everything to download yet another time and it did the same thing. Could it be my new background? I have not put any video on it since I have changed that mmm I wonder. Okay well for tonight I am going to bed, I have to be at wal-mart at 5:30 to pick up doughnuts for school tomorrow. On that note goodnight!


Lori said...

I woudn't think it's your new background, which is awesome, by the way! I have problems sometimes, too. I can go back the next day and try the same thing and it works. Computers?!

DeAnn said...

I have no clue about your problem...tell Brad you need a new computer. That's my advice...he'll like that.

I like your new background too!