Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Parker "middle" Mann
Well last Friday night we had some excitement around here. We got home and Payton informed us that we had been "nigger knocked"(not a good phrase but I don't know what else it is called). Well at 1:30 Brad got out of bed and said the garage light is on I think someone is out there. So I thought it was the kids coming back for some more fun. I heard a knock at the side door and went into the front room thinking I was going to be sneaky and catch the little devils in the act. Brad came into the front room and said that Parker was not in bed and that his window is cracked. What a mothers nightmare my kid had been snatched! The person knocked even harder and I opened the door to none the less my baby standing in the door way scared to death! He had been sleeping walking unlocked his bedroom window and climbed out. He went to the garage turned on the light turned it off and must have woke up and ran to the house. OMG!! After getting him back to bed all I could do was think to myself what if he wouldn't have woke up and ended up 4 blocks away. What if we would not have heard him knocking?? Well I ended up with a horrible stomach ache and a little boy that was scared to sleep in his room again. That Sunday night he said mom I don't trust myself in my bed can I sleep in yours? Of course I told him no and he said well what if you can't find me next time? I told him I found him once I would find him again. Sniff sniff. Here is my baby sleeping soundly and the window he unlocked and crawled out of. Never a dull moment around here!

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jodi said...

I would have absolutely been freaked out! A Mom's life never has a dull moment. Hope all is better.