Monday, September 15, 2008

Burning down the house with green walls!
I had to work this evening and did not get home until 8:00. When I walked in there was this very funny smell, the closer I got to the kitchen the more it smelled like something was burning or had been on fire. Parker came in from outside and said oh yea mom Patton put a bag a popcorn in the microwave for 26 min. and this is what happened. OH MY BLEEP! Patton came in and just looked at me and would not speak. I asked what he did and gave him the drill. The poor boy was speechless! He hugged my neck and laid his head on my shoulder and was crying. I asked him why he was sad and he said I am not sad those are just drops coming from my eyes. He finally said that the smoke scared him and all he wanted was a snack. I hope he learned his lesson and I am glad that he was not hurt! So in the mean time I asked Brad where he was and he said painting "your"walls green. Okay 1. I am speechless about the green walls and 2. Why do men not pay attention to there kids! "What I was "babysitting" them". "Babysitting" what I had these kids all by myself and then ask a man to "babysit" them every once in a while?! Oh my Men. LOL Tell me what you think about the green walls. Not that Brad would change them I think it will look OK once we get the rest of it in place. (I think) Besides I better not push my luck it has only taking a year for this bathroom to get put together!

where is that Mr. clean magic eraser?

what a sad face. "I'm sorry muma"

yes that is a bag of popcorn!

almost done

this is part of the shower, Yes dear you have done a good job so far


Brad said...

I knew where the boys were. Watching TV and having a snack. I think I need to check the batteries in the smoke alarm because it should have been going off even though it worked a week or 2 ago when Megan was cooking! The green walls look good i think and yes if you want them changed have at it dear.

Lori said...

What? Brad - are you giving Megan permission to paint? LOL

The green walls look fine and will be great once you decorate. The tile looks awesome. Good job, Brad!

And as for Patton ... I'm really glad he's okay and that Brad doesn't have to remodel the kitchen!!

Megan said...

I second that motion!

jodi said...

Oh Megan! Well - I hear if you put a bowl of vinegar in the microwave and boil it, it will help clean & deodorize the microwave.
And Doug is about as good babysitting as Brad - check out my old post about the golf cart accident!

slich said...

that must be the third bathroom because the second one should have been done a long time ago, the green kinda looks like a days inn i stayed at this summer ,,slich