Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas is almost here and it is such a magical holiday for some but for other it can be full of trial and tribulations.  I am a people watcher and some things I see  I don't agree with but keep my mouth shut well..almost I guess my opinion gets voiced to a few friends and my main "squeeze".  Either way 9 times out of 10 What I see are people struggling this time of year or go break the bank to get all they can for their loved ones.  Those that struggle are for me classified in 2 ways you have the people who talk about how hard up they have it which I am sure they do but they do because they choose to spend their money not so wisely and those that are quiet about it but you can just tell that they don't have much and deep down inside are struggling with it but for these people they never will ask for it or question it.  These are the people that really put my life into perspective.  I often wish I could have a bigger newer home or a newer car and yes I could I just choose right now not to be the time.  I keep telling myself patience is key.  When I see a child sad because mom or dad can not help them I just want to scoop them up and give them what they need.  I have heat, a nice warm bed, food to eat, and all the trimmings and sometimes it is just not good enough.  They have the worry and anguish of what to feed themselves and their families.  Then I struggle with the fact that  I work very hard for what I do have, lots of time away from my family, and a lot of anxiety over it just so the government can take it away and give it to them and they can sit on their butts and do nothing.  I can be a hypocrite to I am not good or perfect. In the end I come back to the kids even though the parents are like this it is not the kids fault and in order to help them I must help their parents.  Just like my kids love me even when I tell them we can not afford that toy at wal-mart or do not need to go to McDonalds these kids still love their parents in light of all their wants.   So I feel the need to help out who I can and in what ways I can.  I have been touched by this in the past few months and maybe I will get burned in the end but I know that a certain someone that has touched me and put my  views back into perspective I hope will take something from me and apply to their life.  We are all teaching each other how to live even if you don't see it right now someday you will.  I just urge everyone this holiday season to maybe spend a little less and give to someone else.  If you feel like the whole world needs to know that you have done so then so be it as long as you give someway somehow.  Even if you really don't want to and look down at "these kinds of people"  in the end we are all brothers and sisters in the Lords eye.  Okay thanks for listening and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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