Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Well here is the first of many picture of my ever so changing body.
I had a doctors appt. Yesterday and baby sounded good the little devil kept on moving so all you could here was maybe 5 seconds of heartbeat. She said that my thyroid level was low and wants to repeat it and if it is still low she will put me on thyroid meds. That does explain a few symptoms that I have been having that I just passed off as pregnancy woes. I did loose 4 lbs which is better than what my scales said at home. She gave me another script for med to make me feel not so yucky. Yesterday was a good day and so far today has not been bad so I hope I am on the mend! Brad thinks it is a girl because it has been causing so many problems already for Payton and grandma Poopsies sake I hope he is right. I will not say one way or the other because i don't want to jinx's myself and as long as it is healthy that is all that matters.

Me at 12 weeks 4 days
What peanut should look like at 12 weeks and 4 days. Starting to look a little human instead of like a peanut or a gummy bear:)


Kristina said...

How exciting...I think this child, boy or girl, will probably be nicknamed Peanut for a long time now. :-) Patton will always be Munchkin, Parker is my buddy, Payton always had the name for me (Little Sister), and now we'll have Peanut. Looking forward to the new little much fun! And boy or girl, it will be the perfect addition to the family.

Ginder Family said...

You look so cute!! I was so sick with Johnson. Most of the 9 months. Hope your sickness goes away soon. No fun being sick. Congrats!!

Lori said...

I told Brad yesterday that I hope Peanut is a girl. 'Cause if not ... Peanut will be dressed in some cute little dresses when he's at my house! lol He just shrugged and said "Well there's been pig tails before!" lol

jodi said...

i am guessing it's a girl too. No rhyme or reason I guess...just rooting for Payton on this one:) LOL