Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ahh the luck of the Irish....
Lets see if Patton has any luck catching his green little Leprechaun tomorrow at school. His homework last week was to make a Leprechaun trap and so we did.
He came home yesterday all excited the little green guy had been in the room while the kids were away yesterday afternoon. He turned Patton's backpack upside down and put Mrs. Burgener's stuffed dog on top of the memeo board.

Work in progress geez dad you look so excited!

The platform has a piece of tissue paper that is painted green and real thin so when he steps on it he will fall to the bottom

and into this plastic container

Patton all excited and can't wait to show his off and see how everyone in his class made theirs.
Happy St. Patty's day don't forget to wear your green!


jodi said...

Great job Mann clan! Let's catch that rascally leprechaun!

Kristina said...

So?? Did Patton catch the leprechaun???