Saturday, November 7, 2009

Well it is saturday and I can say I have officially been in bed since Monday night. Parker started our week off right with a high fever sunday night. Brad stayed home monday while I ran some errands and went to work. I started the day with a cough and ended it with a high fever. Parker and I laid in my bed so Brad decided to sleep with Patton little did he know that Patton was going to end up sick to. I guess it was 2 or so in the morning that Patton woke up with a high fever to. Well there lay the three of us sickly people in my bed. We have been stricken with the FLU!!
I know, I know what you are thinking I shouldn't have been so quick to post my feelings about this whole H1N1 stuff. I guess I just jinxed myself.
We ended up having Influenza A, or so we think I got a diagnosis over the phone. No I didn't give any of us Tami-flu I let our bodies fight it off. I did push the fluids and tried controlling the fever. There was one night that Patton and I's fever got real close to 104. I had Brad put him in the shower while I passed out not really sure what happened after that.
I guess I can throw the salt and water e-mail out the window it was worth trying though and I am up for any other homeopathic suggestions. We are just going to have to be extra germaphobic! I guess I was not crazy enough making my kids wash their hands ever time they turned around.
Kuddos to Dr. Rodriguez I did call him one night I was thinking about spreading my nasty germs to the ER. Even though I really don't remember the whole conversation what I did get out of it was to keep the fever down and push the fluids. I did express to him that I was second guessing my decision on not getting the kids the shot and he said that I was not the only one who choose not to and that this could happen to anyone. Thanks Tony your compassion was very appreciated.
Well bring on the new week besides a crazy schedule at work and a whole bunch of homework for the kids.

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