Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Well this one is a favorite around our house. Chicken tacos! Easy and yummy:)
Just take your chicken put it in the crock pot with a thing of sour cream, can of fiesta cheese soup, taco seasoning, and regular cheese and there you have it.


Lori said...

I LOVE this chicken stuff you make! It's only 8am, but I could probably eat that whole dish! Now i need to get the stuff to make it!

Anonymous said...

Save some for the rest of us,
you Pig you ( Lori ).

Never had it ... Will just have
to take your word for it.

Neighbor Larry

Anonymous said...

Count us in, we Love Chicken.
Especially fresh off the bone ( LOL ) !!!

George, Miss Priss & Skunkity

Your Other Neighbors