Monday, February 7, 2011

Little Miss thang is doing so many things these day it is hard to keep up and kinda bittersweet for momma to.

                                               First bite of rice cereal.
                                               Not really into it can't ya tell.

First bath with the boys.  She liked at first then we turned on the water and out came the pouty lip.  I think we will stick to the sink for a while.

First time in her  highchair.  She looks so much like her daddy here don't ya think?

First time with applesauce.  Yummy!!

The  first time playing the xbox with the boys.  Her big brothers just adore her and her big sis to:)


Julie Botterbush said...

Yes, little Miss Piper does look like Brad in ther high chair... She looks like alot of fun and a happy baby.

DeAnn said...

Love this post...she is ONE busy girl! Thanks for seeing all her firsts!

Lori said...

She does look like daddy in that pic. I can't believe how big she is!

Lori said...

BTW-Parker won't be too happy about the bath picture!

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the super hi res picture of the boys in the bath and showed it to my 8 year old daughter. I asked her what she thought of the picture. She was like grinning from ear to ear and looked at me and exclaimed, "OMG! The picture is too cute!" She got the biggest kick out of the picture and said the oldest boy looks, "Super Cute!" We saved the picture because she wants to look at it from time to time. She said it makes her smile!