Thursday, July 22, 2010

What to do, What to do!!!
Well as you know from my last post we have decided to try to sell the house. In the meantime we have looked at house out in the country. When I say country that is what I mean!! It is a good 10 miles out. 6 highway and a little over 3 gravel. Yes gravel not to crazy about that.
The house is pretty and a newer build but there are a few things that I don't like most of them cosmetic. The light fixtures have to go all of them!! The mirrors in the all the bathrooms gone. The kitchen and living room are all open love that but just don't know if it is big enough to entertain. I would have my kitchen table and three bar stools. Not really anymore room to put up a plastic table anywhere. Will anybody come that far out to see me anyways?? There is a very nice back patio that Brad would like to screen in so I guess that would help. Well at least during nice weather. There are no linen closets or coat closets, but there are plenty of cabinets throughout. I am an organize freak so everything has to be in a certain spot. When you come up the lane there is a bean field on the left of you and one on the right. Did I mention will anybody come visit me??? My mom said well if it is gravel I won't come out. She did last night I told her it wouldn't be a fast trip and she came went through it in like 10 mins and said bye. Not something we could do just come and go like that. There is absolutely no landscaping. The front porch is big and blah. It needs a railing and some color. See just stupid things that will come with time.
Will my house sell and will we get what we need to get out of it? I talked to the bank and they make it sound great and the numbers they throw out I think to myself is totally doable but will that be the reality of it. What if my house doesn't sell for a year then what?? Can we handle paying 2 mortgages?? Oh I think I am sick all ready! Will anybody come see me? I am so used to an open house here and people coming and going out of all the things I keep coming back to this one.

Things that I like:
The calm of the country, it is so peaceful out there. When leaving last night you couldn't even see the house it was dark! There is enough room for the kids to run. A basement with an extra room and even enough space for another room or two if we wanted. It is a nice home a place where I think we could call home. The boys can have a dirt track for the motorcycle and 4-wheeler. Brad and them can hunt in there back yard and go on woods walks. The price is nice. We can still go on vacations and do things and not be tied down to a large house payment every month.
I guess I just need to leave my worries behind and let the good Lord take over he will provide the right answers for us it just takes time. Easier said than done though.


Marla said...

Megan living in the country does have positives & negatives. I know the gravel road is a big negative, but it is so peaceful in the country & the kids will love it. We once looked at the house you are talking about & it's nice. It's very close to Pete's parents house. If your worried about people visiting think of this: The ones that love & care for you will come even it there is a gravel road. A dirty car is not the end of the world. You're about to have a baby & everyone will come visit. You can step outside in your pj's or even less if you know what I mean & no one will notice. You can see a car coming from a mile away by the dust flying. Parker won't say Pete shoots all the deer, because Brad will have PLENTY to shoot at from the back porch. I know there are several more positives & negatives, but that's how country life is.

Kristina said...

We loved growing up in the country...there were so many more things that you could do living there that you could not do in town. For most of our lives, our road was gravel. You deal with it...paved roads are nicer, but gravel is doable. You just have to remember to be more cautious when driving on the gravel. I would give anything to be able to find a nice home in the country here that we could afford-may never happen for us, but ultimately the country is where we want to be. Space, no neighbors right on top of you, less traffic, less noise....people will still come visit and you'll still see them when you go to town, etc.... You guys need to decide what you're willing to sacrifice for what you really want. Once you come to that decision, you will know what you want to do. Home is wherever you make it and yes, this would make a wonderful home for the kids to continue growing up in, but there are other homes out there just have to decide if this is the one or if it is still waiting to be found.

joven said...

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