Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weekend fun
My dad is on the Catholic Social Service board and put together a golf outing. The Catholic Social Service offers many services and one of them is helping elderly find jobs. A part of the funding is from a grant the state offers. Well this year the state has cut out a lot of the funding for it. So to raise money this was one of the fundraiser. Dad asked my siblings, ma and I to help and with open arms we were there!
I became DD for those who were drinking which I might add was so stinking funny!! I had a blast I really don't know when the last time I laughed that hard! Thanks to Beals ride of a life time in the golf cart I think my tummy muscles were a little sore. WWJD Beal!!LMAO
On the way home we took the scenic way home so my ma could seethe belted Galloway's cows in Sumner. Unfortunately I forgot to get a pic. However we did see some cute little people on the edge of someones woods. Thanks gals for a great time! Oh and I think my ma learned a few things to;-)

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