Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well Brad and I have decided to let Parker buy his first 4-wheeler. He even shined up his new helmet all by himself. What a happy boy! We have not made it a final purchase yet just trying it out before we take the big plunge. Patton is just not old enough to ride by himself so with the guidance from Uncle Mike and Aunt Melissa and of course mom and bobo, he still had a fun time.
A fun day of riding the 4-wheelers on the Kuenstler track. Thanks Aunt Melissa and Uncle Mike for letting us ride.

Uncle Mike and Patton all smiles.(Well at least from Patton)

Dosen't he look sharp on it!

This would be MItchells new toy he got for christmas. What a pretty 4-wheeler.

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DeAnn said...

Those things make me a little nervous...we should get Gavin and Parker together. Gavin's really into his right now too. Way to go Parker! Larry will be jealous of the Kuenstler track. He wishes we had one of those.